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Virginia Customer Choice

In the past, all the components of electric service -- generation, transmission and distribution -- were combined as one service. Now, the generation part -- the electricity itself -- is open to choice for non-residential customers. Appalachian Power will continue to deliver the electricity through the poles and wires in use today in the same safe, reliable manner you have grown to expect. Appalachian Power customers who experience an outage or have questions about service still will call Appalachian Power at 1-800-956-4237 (available 24 hours).

Appalachian Power welcomes competition to the electricity supply market. Restructuring the electric utility industry will allow non-residential customers to choose who provides the electricity they use in their businesses.

Non-residential customers may select CSPs whose generation source is not 100% renewable energy. Only non-residential customers with at least a 5 MW load will have the ability to choose a Competitive Service Provider (CSP) individually. All other smaller non-residential customers will need to aggregate their load to meet the minimum 5 MW threshold to maintain the ability to choose a CSP.

Residential customers have the ability to choose a CSP who offers service from 100% renewable energy only. They may also choose service under the Appalachian Power Renewable Power Rider. This program allows customers to choose either to support the use of renewable energy through the purchase of a specific number of fixed blocks of 100 kWh each month, or to source their entire month consumption from renewable energy sources.

Customers can choose a new competitive electric provider (CSP) with confidence. All electric providers in Virginia must be licensed by the Virginia State Corporate Commission (SCC) before they can sign up customers. CSPs include companies that supply electricity as a retail generation provider, but they also include aggregators. An aggregator is a person, local government or organization that brings together a group of customers and negotiates the price and other details for electric supply service on their behalf. If for some reason your provider does go out of business, you will be switched back to Appalachian Power until you can choose a new provider.

Virginia Energy Choice also provides helpful information on these topics:

Appalachian Power is required to include your name, address and usage information on a list of eligible customers that is made available to electric providers. If you do not wish to be included on this list, fill out the Opt Off/Opt On form, or call Appalachian Power at 1-888-237-5566, or write to us at 1 AEP Way, Hurricane, WV 25526.

The key to the success of Electric Choice for you is that you learn how to shop for electricity.

On January 16, 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an Order Approving Settlement in Case No. ER13-539-000 to be effective January 16, 2014. As per the terms of Article II, section 5 of the Settlement, APCo is posting notice of such Commission approval and confirming that the Open Season under the renewable Self-Supply Program will commence on January 24, 2014, and will remain open through January 30, 2014. Please refer to the document above, entitled "Notice of Capacity Self-Supply Alternative for Qualifying Competitive Service Providers (PDF)," for additional details.

The Open Season described above concluded on January 30, 2014.  As per the terms of Article II, section 7 of the Settlement approved by order of the FERC, APCo is posting the results of the Open Season.  The following table summarizes the results of the Open Season for each of the three PJM planning years:

PJM Delivery Year Renewable Self-Supply Request Awarded
2013/14 10.0 MW
2014/15 12.5 MW
2015/16 15.0 MW
PJM Delivery Year Renewable Self-Supply Capacity
Available as of January 31, 2014
2013/14 5.0 MW
2014/15 5.0 MW
2015/16 5.0 MW
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